KIRSON SCHWARTZ - Life Insurance Brokers (2003) Ltd. – Company’s Profile

Kirson Schwartz Life Insurance Brokers (2003) Ltd. is one of the leading life insurance brokers in Israel.  It was established on 1996 and is owned and administrated by two partners.  The brokers are considered experts in the management and development of pension and finance plans for companies and organizations as well as for private customers.

Kirson Schwartz Life Insurance Brokers (2003) Ltd. combines a wide professional experience in the fields of finance and life insurance, and offers a skilled team of insurance agents and financial advisors, who fully cooperate with all the leading insurance companies, pension funds and investment boutiques in the market, enabling us to provide the best and most sufficient service to our clients.  We offer every insurance/financial product available in Israel, Managers Insurance Policies, pension funds, provident funds, study funds (“keren hishtalmut”) and the combination of securities held and managed by investment boutiques.
Clients of Kirson Schwartz Life Insurance Brokers (2003) Ltd. enjoy consultation and accompanying professional services to the pension insurance branch (such as: consultation during retirement, legal opinions regarding Labor Law, taxes, National Insurance etc.), directly provided to them by the brokers’ CEO’s, and enjoy constant support by a devoted, professional staff.  The broker is independent and objective, as it is not owned nor controlled by any insurance company.

The Brokers CEO’s:

Shai Kirson, CEO – 37, B.A.  Business, specializing in marketing and insurance.
Michael Schwartz, CEO – 37, B.A. insurance and C.L.U (chartered life underwriter) (Isr)
For over 12 years, Kirson and Schwartz have been dealing with a major part of the capital and insurance market in Israel, specializing in the management of financial and pension plans accordingly to risk level and the return expectancy required by the client.